Has your site been suspended?

Has your host told you that it was suspended due to being compromised and sending spam or hosting malicious content?

Restored from a back up and still being told the site is compromised?

Running WordPress?

I can help you!

With over 2 years being a Senior Customer Service Representative in a Web Hosting environment, my knowledge dealing with compromised sites can help get your website back online as quick as possible.

I can offer local assistance in cleaning up your website to the best of my ability to get your website back online and drawing traffic to your business again. If you are in Perth, I am able to come and meet you face to face to discuss your site and provide you information on how to backup your site and keep it up to date.

Starting from just $150 ($75 – getting started discount!) I can pull your site to my secure server (non-public) to get your website nice and clean to meet your web host’s needs before putting it back onto your live host.

I also offer a range of other services to help WordPress users out, or even those that have more basic built website that have no management panels.

Get in touch via the Contact section of the website so we can take a look and advise if we are able to help you out!